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Everyone can benefit from an unbiased facilitator / session, even for an hour, half day or multiple days. What would you like to discuss? Contact us to find out how BDD’s Facilitation Services can help you participate in your next important meeting.
  • Board Retreats

  • Brainstorming Sessions

  • Budget Meetings

  • Competitive Mapping

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Creativity Sessions

  • Customer or Employee Profiling Sessions

  • Employee Meetings

  • Event Planning / Conference Brainstorming

  • Executive Retreats

  • Focus Groups

  • Goal Setting Meetings

  • Growth Strategy Meetings

  • Issue Processing / Mapping

  • Management Discussions

  • Marketing and Public Relations Idea Generation

  • New Product / Service Development

  • Recruitment and Retention Idea Mapping

  • Referral Marketing Ideas

  • Relationship and Partnership Building

  • Religious Groups and Organizations

  • Sales Retreats

  • Small Business Planning Sessions

  • Strategic Planning

  • Team Building

  • Training Ideas

  • Vendor and Customer Councils

  • Workshops

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