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William E. Lowell, CMC
Founder and President

As a certified management consultant and founder and president of Business Development Directives, Bill leads a marketing research consulting firm based in Milwaukee. Bill is most noted for taking world-class business leaders to the next level by conducting one-of-a-kind research studies for his clients. His firm becomes an expert in hundreds of industries based on the research they conduct on their client's behalf. Bill has personally facilitated more than 1,500 focus groups and his firm has conducted more than 1000 research studies including hundreds of benchmarking studies.

Business Development Directives serves associations, Fortune 500, prominent universities and privately held companies. He has clients in the following niches: Academia, Associations, Automotive, Construction, Computer, Engineering, Furniture, Healthcare, Human Resource, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Transportation and Standards industries.

As a professional speaker, Bill has developed and delivered over 1,600 informational and educational presentations and workshops nationally. He has also authored and published more than 50 articles on business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Additionally, Bill is the author of the book, "Focus Groups Made Simple." He serves on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and on many boards of directors for universities, businesses and non-profit organizations.  He was twice awarded the most prestigious Excellence Award for Instructional Academic Staff at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Bill is an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where he obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He was also the recipient of the school's Outstanding Alumni Award for professional achievement and social service. He is an active member of the Institute of Management Consultants and the American Society of Association Executives.

Jan B. Lowell
Project Manager

Clients know Jan as the "friendly and attentive" customer service expert who will go way out of her way to take care of them when they call or visit the offices of Business Development Directives (BDD). The staff at the firm know her as the one who manages the day-to-day operations, handles payroll, manages work flow, sets up the software, performs the data analytics, verifies the numbers and proof reads the reports. 

Besides being a member of the board of directors, Jan is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Business Directives. Her responsibilities include the management of the projects, finances and the office. She is the resident expert on the firm’s proprietary software system, setting up the system for each and every research client, running banners and cross tabs, and analyzing the data once it is set up in the system. When reports are written by staff members, she controls the quality by checking the data and proof reading and editing final reports. 

As a project manager, she is responsible for assigning the workload of staff, providing client support, and serving as the liaison between the staff, organization and the clients. Jan also trains staff members on the computer systems and software and handles most human resource issues for the firm. Prior to her tenure at BDD, Jan was a partner in one of the country’s fastest growing Construction Management firms working with owners and communities to ensure that they receive value for the building they were erecting. Jan was the lead project manager for the firm when the Bradley Center was being built in Milwaukee. She was also responsible for all day-to-day operations and financial management of the firm. 

Jan is a voracious reader, enjoys bicycling and spending time with her chocolate lab.

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