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Institute of Management Consultants - Distinguished Seal of Certification

William E. Lowell, CMC, Business Development Directives’ president, is one of only a select few Certified Management Consultants in the State of Wisconsin. 

CMC® (Certified Management Consultant®) is the only certification awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA.  This certification represents evidence of the highest standard of consulting and adherence to the ethical canon of the profession.  Recognized in 48 countries, the CMC® has been awarded to less than one percent of all consultants.

Bill has been a Certified Management Consultant since 1987.  

Formed in 1968, The Institute Of Management Consultants is the only governing body of management consultants world-wide.  The Institute is a not-for-profit organization setting standards in the field and providing the code of ethics to which member organizations must adhere.  It also awards the designation of Certified Management Consultant to those who qualify. 


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